Moorat Fingers - Schlitzed LP, Gib Mir Kopf 10", Rejected 7", You Piece Of Shit 7"
Bloody hell these krauts crank out some vinyl; all this came out within a year or so! Impressive. Especiallly since all of it rocks like shit. Hard, mean, hatefilled stuff somewhere between Motörhead, Cosmic Psychos, vintage Turbonegro and especially Leather Nun's "Slow Death" album-actually "You Piece Of Shit" includes a cover of "No Rule"! "Rejected" is more r'n'r but without losing ist overall share of sour agressiveness. The LP is the highlight here; super sound and loads of supercool tracks. The 10" isn't quite as good or maybe I just heard the LP a lot more. Still it kicks ass! Any which way you look at it, this is one of Europe's hardest and best bands right now and "Schlitzed" might just be my number one pick for Euro punkrock record of close competition with Nomads' "Big Sound 2000"! (SN)

The Moorat Fingers - Schlitzed LP
I'm getting off big time this week kiddies......yeah the Persuaders and the MOORAT FINGERS....double orgasmo. Yeah what ever you do....don't stop baby....keep rattlin'-my-brain and ravagin' my soul with that raunchy rock'n'roll. It's just what the doctor ordered. Lucky for me, I've been hooked on this pill for a while since a friend brought this bad medicine back from Germany a few months back....good thing too, because the Maximum copy we recieved is warped as fuck, only plays half way es bueno. So if yer partial to mackin' down on the likes of the Baseball Furies, Henry Fiat's Open Sore, or the Dwarves you'll wanna pick-up on this one like now! What the hell is a MOORAT FINGER anyway? (DL)

The Moorat Fingers - "Gib Mir Kopf" 10"
This is pretty rad. Raw and Snotty, it kind of reminds me of Turbonegro on the "Ass Cobra" LP. Eight songs total. (RM) Speaking of killer cover art, as soon as I saw the cover of the new MOORAT FINGERS 10" on Saddle Tramp, I knew I was in for a treat. Sizzling hot , super loud and caustic furious punk, in the same vein as Henry Fiat's Open Sore. Despite having three 7"s and an LP out, this is the first I'd heard of these Germans. Looks like I've got more to add to my wantlist. This 10" just might be my pick of the month, if I had to have one. (MM)
FLIPSIDE # 12133
The Moorat Fingers - Rejected EP
Ahhh.....More MOORAT FINGERS! If you haven't heard these guys yet it's high time you do. High powered punk rock mayhem in the vein of the "Killed By Death" bands. Snotty, raw and posessed. Two originals and one cover. You gotta pick this one up! (M.Avrg) The Moorat Fingers- Schlitzed LP After getting a taste of these gents on a recent Ox sampler I've been hooked. Needless to say, when I saw this here LP at the Flipside bat cave I began to tremble and drool like a pervert facing a row of bicycle seats at an all-girl elementary school. Gee-zuz f'n christ, a MOORAT FINGERS long player! Everything I was figuring it would be-cranked-up punk rock that knows the meaning of rock'n'roll. Think of the Lewd on speed. It's that good. Scratch that good part-this is great! From one song to the next they don't miss a beat, keeping the frantic pace at a constant surge and whipping the listener into a spastic frenzy. Smash some glass, kick holes in the walls, choke the fucker next to you-just go off! This is what you need. (M.Avrg)

HITLIST Vol 2 #3
The Moorat Fingers - Gib Mir Kopf 10"
A vicious, snotty German ensemble with a punk-as-fuck record cover and attitude. They have a basic Thunders meets Motörhead approach, and songs like "Rise of the Retards", "Blitzkrieg in My Eye", "Hump My Blade", and "Head on a Stick" not only have hilarious lyrics, but pack a whollup where it counts. (JC)

LILI ZELLER From THE SPLASH FOUR for a french mag
The Moorat Fingers - Schlitzed LP
Finally it's out! The long awaited debut album of the Moorat Fingers from Bremen (Germany) on "Into the Vortex" Records from the same town! Seduced by their two earlier 7" Eps on "High Noon" and "Into the Vortex" and a tape, my old music buddy and I have been raving and fantasizing about this band while looking at their picture. It is a promo postcard with a black and white band photh where you see singer Gax holding a mike stand with some devil or witch head on it. He is holding up his fingers and wearing funky sunglasses hiding his beautiful blue eyes (He he he, maybe that'll help getting them more girls in the crowd because I wouldn't wonder if they had mainly guys at their shows, as usual for violent, stripped down punk rock.) And sitting in the back.....oh man, that guy looks like he belongs into a padded cell of a mental hospital, seriously! Is it the guitar player? The other two guys don't look very "nice" either . And then we've been arguing whether to call their music fuckrock, shitrock, snotrock, scumrock, dangerrock or nazifuckerrock.......THE MOORAT FINGERS!!!! Anyway this album "....Schlitzed" (13 songs, no covers) is so fucking intense that it'll make you feel drunk without even drinking! It's the kind of scary Rock'n'Roll that doesn't make you wanna dance but jump and riot all alone in your room. No one is gonna stay indifferent to their music. The rhythm section is very solid and brutal, bass and drums hunting each other through the songs. No wonder why the Leather Nun cover ( on their "You Piece of Shit" 45) fits them so well! The drummer is the "full on" kind but with style and elegance(!). He knows how to play the little somethings you Buzzcocks fans love John Maher for.....The bass player is dashing and whipping like he wants to punish the strings, playing the ballsey muscle maybe Olga from the Lewd. Sometimes he uses distortion (a fuzz pedal?) but he also plays haunting basslines grinding and spreading all over ALL WHACKED OUT, SIX FOOT TWO ( and the one song on my tape without title, just before the Valves cover!?!) like a lurking spider webbing its deadly lure....All this topped by an ultra raunchy voice spitting, snarling, puking and barking-in perfect English by the way- turning from menaces to desperation in songs like TURNING SOMETHING INTO NOTHING and HURT MY BRAIN.
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